Introducing... / by Kenneth Benson

Welcome to the site. This is it, so far. There are a few reasons I wanted to create this space.

First, this is going to give me a forum for showing my photography, and allow me to discover, test and tweak my style. I call myself a photographer and I love the art, but I've always been reluctant to show it. I needed to take a leap and put it out there. I will create projects and challenges for myself and dump the results in your lap.

Second, in the same way that i like photography and shy from showing it I also like to write. It's different though. I don't call myself a writer nor do I think I have any special talent. Regardless I'm doing it anyway, because I need to do something new, let me know if I get wordy or weird. I'm already cringing at what's written.

Third we love our friends and family and sharing this experience with them, even through the wires, is important to us.

So what's a Tribehopper? It's a made up word. It is a name we were called and we like it. Shortly before Vega was born we thought it would be fun to see a psychic. It was, and she told us a variety of interesting things that have sparked conversations for the last two years. One thing we especially loved was the idea that for many centuries we had both (all three rather) made it a point to choose different existences that varied in experiences, countries, tribes and families. We would not be satisfied souls unless we sought something new. She called us tribehoppers. So it is, and so shall it be.

Why are we doing the trip? Why not. We love to travel, we've worked hard and saved our money. Vega will be two in September and I can't imagine that there will be a time in her life after the next few years where she will prefer to be with us more than she does now.  Soon will come friends, teachers, coworkers and loves. Now is our time to soak it in, not when we are 65, now. We chose Central and potentially South America, because they are drivable. We considered Asia again because we love it there, but ultimately we wanted a new adventure, to tribehop if you will.

Our home for the next few years.

So the plan is to head south without much of a plan. But first, we will visit loved ones across the states. The first leg starts July 6th. From Klamath and eventually to Newfane Vermont. Vega will swim in the pond Devon swam in as a girl and catch the newt offspring generations removed from those Devon caught. We will cross back to the west for a small bit and then come the new year cross into Baja. What happens after that just depends.

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