A home for Bob and Mustache / by Kenneth Benson

Back in 2003 or 2004 a friend asked If I wanted to adopt a kitten. A feral neighborhood cat had given birth to a litter underneath her porch. Animal control captured the mother, fixed her, and re-released her into the neighborhood. The smallest of the litter was a bob tail black runt cat, and if I remember correctly Bob had to be bottle feed in the beginning. That was the kitten I wanted, but she came with one stipulation. No one could take bob without taking her brother and protector Mustache, as the 2 had been inseparable. I agreed, two kittens.

That was 12 years ago. These two have been with me since, in numerous apartments and homes, with countless roommates. They lived at a friends house when I was living in my car for a time and with my sister when Devon and I honeymooned . They are truly brother and sister, rubbing heads one minute and swiping at each other the next.

As you all know, Devon, Vega and I are setting out on an adventure, traveling by car for the next year or two across the US and into Central and possibly South America.

It is heartbreaking to think about leaving these two, possibly for good. As horrible as it sounds I even hoped for an unfortunate street crossing or some other β€œnatural” end to occur so that I would not have to abandon them. This unfortunately has led to some serious procrastination in writing this post. They are still here, older but very much alive and well.

I am reaching out to the interwebs to find them a good home, together would be great, but separate would be ok too. Both have lived their lives indoor and out. In Portland they were confined inside to our 1 bedroom apartment for a year and did just fine. But they love to roam the hood.

Mustache is a LARGE male and incredibly loving and gentle. He is great with Vega and patient as she pokes and hugs and pulls. He will sleep on your feet and greet you at the door. He loves dogs once he is familiar with them and will even wrestle with our dog in the front room. He loves to talk.

Bob is more independent. Initially as a kitten she would not let people near her, and would not stand for being held. She spends much of her time outside wandering the neighborhood, coming inside to sleep if it is cold or to eat. She has used quite a few of her nine lives, surviving 2 shootings (Pellets from a wicked neighbor), a Rottweiler attack that opened her belly, and the subsequent infection. Each of these experiences mellowed her a bit and she became incrementally more friendly and approachable each time. She now spends more time inside, will regularly grace us with her presence and and is willing to be held, but on her own terms. She comes running when we've been away and the car pulls in to the driveway. She loves to follow us on walks around the neighborhood. She loves our dog and tolerates our child (from a distance).

We drive away on July 6th. So please if anyone is interested let me know and please share this post with anyone you might know who would make a good home permanently or even just while we are away.