Baja: The Details / by Kenneth Benson

This post is meant for anyone who may be considering a trip into Baja.

Days: 37

Border Crossing

Prepping for this trip I read numerous accounts of crossing the border into Tijuana. Even so, the process seemed a bit unclear. Let me just say it was no problem! We've heard of some people racing around Tijuana searching for the immigration office, or trying to get their vehicle importation paperwork done in La Paz. All of that is just delaying the inevitable, if you know you are continuing into mainland Mexico then just get it over with at the border. 

Stay to the right. Park in front of the big building right by where all of the vehicles are going through. Go in fill out your visa paperwork, pay at one window (bank) go back with your receipt and have the other office issue you your visa. Back to the bank for your vehicle permit. Done. Go to Baja and don't worry. It was so easy. 

Note: You are supposed to have Mexican car insurance and we do but no one has looked at it yet.

Once you are done keep staying right and you will go up a giant hill that runs parallel to the border and you are on your way to some lobster tacos.

Driving in Baja

Speed bumps rule in Baja. Be careful they come out of no where and they are no joke. You will get used to the signs but you will at some point fly over one so get ready.

Rolling stops are the rule of the road as well. At 4 way stops no one really stops unless they have to. I felt more in danger of getting rear ended than getting hit in an intersection.

Road conditions in Baja vary. South of Guererro Negro it is mostly great. Before that you will be rolling on roads with little to no shoulders. Please watch for bikers because those crazy bastards are riding on these non shoulder roads with a death wish. 

Gas is pretty ubiquitous with the exception of the first crossing from the west to the east (240 miles of no gas stations) but even then there were people midway selling gas out of 2 liter bottles.

Miles driven - 2800

What I was listening to

 - Dr. Dog: Psychedelic Swamp

 - Wilco: Star Wars

 - The Pixies: Come on Pilgrim

Books Read (cumulative, ok mostly Devon)

 - Game of Thrones 1 & 2: George RR Martin

 - Confederacy of Dunces: JK Toole

 - Where Men Win Glory: John Krakauer

 - The Sheherds Crown: Terry Pratchett


 - Stolen Flipflop (coyote) 


A google map of our route and where we camped.  We I get some time I will add additional details like campsite names etc. Baja Map Click Here